Looking for Silent 700 model 787 manual

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Sun Nov 19 17:59:33 CST 2017

I recently acquired a TI Silent 700 model 787 terminal.  This cc 1980
unit is an interesting member of the Silent 700 family as it is capable
of 120 chars/sec printing and has an internal 300/1200 baud direct connect
modem that does Bell 103, Bell 212A and Vadic modulation in both originate
and answer modes.

It's a got a DB25 on the back for directly connecting serial but I don't
have any documentation on how to choose the internal modem vs the DB25
for comms or any pinouts for this DB25 outside the usual expectations
of RS232 on a DB25.

Seeking any documentation that might be around.  Happy to cover copying
costs or purchase a manual if it is excess to someone's needs.

Chris Elmquist

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