Sync on Green RGB video

emanuel stiebler emu at
Sat Nov 18 16:46:33 CST 2017

On 2017-11-18 14:09, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:
 > I have a couple of vaxes that output 'unique' video, Alpha 3000 300,
 > Alpha 3000 400, Vax 4000 VLC, and Vax Station 3100 M76.
 > The Alpha and VLC each have a 3W3 type of connector and the 3100 has a
 > 15 pin DEC designed connector.

The 3w3 cables are actually still easy to find.
I use then, a vga-BNC cable with some adapters

 > What does it take to connect these to inexpensive, modern VGA light
 > weight monitors?

There are some brands, which support sync-on-green
(HP, Viewsonic, that's what I have)

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