Manchester University Joint System in the 1970s

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Fri Nov 17 14:18:29 CST 2017

I was there 1980-1984, I don't ever recall using a 7600 though, I thought I used
a CDC Cyber 172 (or 170 or something similar). It is possible I may have some
records buried at home, but I am away at the moment and they would not be easily
accessible. I have to re-arrange a lot of stuff over Christmas so I will keep a

However, *I* have a question for *you*. For the last year I have been working on
building an emulator for MU5 (see
Do you have *any* information at all about MU5? I am particularly short on
anything about the operating system, MUSS.



>     On 17 November 2017 at 17:24 Peter Allan via cctalk
> <cctalk at> wrote:
>     I was a student at Manchester University from 1974 to 1980. During that
>     time I used the University of Manchester Regional Computer Centre (UMRCC)
>     computer system. The so-called Joint System consisted of a CDC 7600 with
> an
>     ICL 1906A front end. We used to submit card decks via a Systime (a PDP-11
>     clone, I believe) that functioned as a remote job entry service.
>     I am trying to find out information about the structure of those card
> decks
>     (mine were used for shopping lists years ago), and in particular, what the
>     first card in the deck was that routed the job to the correct computer.
>     I have found information about JOB cards for both ICL computers running
>     George 3 and for the CDC 7600 running SCOPE 2.1 (which is what the
>     computers ran), but I believe that neither of these gives the full story
>     about what we used on the Joint System.
>     Does anyone who used this system, or similar ones in the UK, recall
>     anything relevant?
>     If you have suggestions about where else to post this query, I would be
>     grateful for that too.
>     Cheers
>     Peter Allan

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