WTB: HP-85 16k RAM Module and HPIB Floppy Drive

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at aol.com
Wed Nov 15 00:55:20 CST 2017

yeah I need a,hpib 7970e for our hp 3000 37.. I have back up tapes of the killer 100 board bbs system w/ chat, email, vote and poll and nay me features..... I found a printout if source too  but no way gonna,try to reenter it...  somewhere I have the earlier hp 2000 version of this bbs system but as in remember tapes not as well stored..

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On Nov 14, 2017, at 20:44, Ed Sharpe via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> remember too.. there were hpib 8 inch and 5 inch drives.... wish I had saved some!!!....

Those would certainly interest me if I happen upon any at a price that I like. Same goes for an HPIB 9 track tape drive. But since the HP Series 80 stuff lies more towards the fringes of my interests at this time, I have a hunch that I am not too likely to find one of those at a price I would like to pay any time soon. Naturally, I’m more prone to pay real money for things closer to my core interests. But if I do happen upon any of that sort of gear at the right time, place, and price, then that will be really cool. Sometimes I surprise myself. I never expected to be interested in the DG Nova until I stumbled over a chance to buy one along with a PDP-11/03 system that interested me more at the time. Now I am glad that I have that cool Nova system, even though I still haven’t managed to get it talking to its hard drive. 

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