List Problems?

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Tue Nov 7 15:07:13 CST 2017

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> On Sun, Nov 05, 2017 at 09:46:18AM -0800, Zane Healy via cctalk wrote:
> > I know around the 20th I wasn’t the only one having problems.  Are
> > there still issues?
> I have had some issues during Oct 21st-22nd (Sat + Sun). Emails from US-based
> mailing lists stopped coming. On top of that, was not
> responding. On later Sunday afternoon (I was
> GMT+2, now I am GMT+1) everything looked normal again and mute lists
> all came back either around this time or (I think) during next day or two.
> No idea what could have been the cause of this or how widespread it was. I
> have not spotted anything in the news, and maybe I will have some time to
> spare on thinking more about this puzzle, or maybe not - given that is solved
> itself and chances are, very few were affected.

This has happened to me too, twice in recent weeks, and not just to me, to a friend here in the UK too. By "this" I mean, no emails from the list and not responding.



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