looking at buying a pocket PC / PDA

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Fri Nov 3 19:10:03 CDT 2017

In days of  old  would  use one  with a  50  ft  ribbon cable as a 
'portable' console  fro one of my hp 2000  systems I  would  just  rag it around to 
wherever I was in the  Computer Room.
or into  the front office  west of the computer room as  the   back of  the 
2000 was against  that  wall. In  those  days seemed  so amazing  to do so!
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Hey,  TRS-80 M100 rocks! I've got several, and they all work perfectly to
this  day. Built by Kyocera, who isn't known for making junk..

The 30+ hr.  battery life alone is enough to earn them a high rating, and
they have a  built-in terminal program. I've used them to control headless
Linux boxes  several times via serial port. I believe they do 9600 or
possibly  19200.

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