Sale with a lot of ATT 3B2 stuff

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Oct 28 17:17:51 CDT 2015

I didn't like his prices either, but I wanted to put the 3Bx eyeballs on 
this in case there was something they needed for the emulator project.

Breaking out what I consider to be spares from the Symbolics sale is 
what I referred to in my post below, but didn't put it in such language.

At least he's not the psycho in Colorado Springs vintagecomputermuseum 
or whatever he calls himself.  I wish he had gone off on me now, because 
I think I'd have a case to get him booted, and he truly is an asshole.  
I just pointed out a bit of info on one of his auctions several years 
ago and he went nuts.  I think he considers his "knowledge" similarly to 
his penis size and if you challenge it he feels his manhood is threatened.

The goal is find these things and convey them to deserving places around 
these sorts of idiots.


On 10/28/2015 2:54 PM, Alan Hightower wrote:
> (Jerry you are not a terrible person for saying that)
> I have similar thoughts. Ebay seller twenex has had this stuff listed
> for months. It's not new. He's trolling for desperate buyers. I would
> hardly call this a 'sale'. I've offered him very reasonable prices on
> several things he listed for crazy amounts and he's refused. I mean $200
> for a single tape that will melt as soon as it's run at speed? I don't
> even mind personally paying him for previously un-archived manuals and
> media that I would just turn around and send to Al K. or Jason S. for
> free. But he won't even take a reasonable offer from me when I tell him
> they are to be archived for the greater public good. And by reasonable..
> I have offered him $50 for a SVR (V3) tape and his counter was
> $150! You can download a 3.2.1 tape image on-line today. would
> be a nice patch level bonus for those few of us running V3 hardware.
> He's an eBay troll and nearing the a-hat level of wiredforservice from
> my experiences with him.
> Please let us know when he wants to be reasonably compensated for his
> wares as my check-book remains open.
> -Alan
> On 2015-10-28 04:01, jwsmobile wrote:
>> This is a representative auction by the vendor. Look at all of his stuff for the whole story.
>> [1]
>> The buyer of his Lisp Machine is going to be sad. The vendor has broken off good to have spares and software for a working machine into separate auctions. Unlike the 3B2 stuff which is all parts. Not a nice thing to do if you are asking $9500 for the machine and only a few hundred more for the spares. Spares such as mice, keyboard, and software restore tapes. Nice.
>> Thanks
>> Jim
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