Sale with a lot of ATT 3B2 stuff

Alan Hightower alan at
Wed Oct 28 16:54:12 CDT 2015


(Jerry you are not a terrible person for saying that) 

I have similar thoughts. Ebay seller twenex has had this stuff listed
for months. It's not new. He's trolling for desperate buyers. I would
hardly call this a 'sale'. I've offered him very reasonable prices on
several things he listed for crazy amounts and he's refused. I mean $200
for a single tape that will melt as soon as it's run at speed? I don't
even mind personally paying him for previously un-archived manuals and
media that I would just turn around and send to Al K. or Jason S. for
free. But he won't even take a reasonable offer from me when I tell him
they are to be archived for the greater public good. And by reasonable..
I have offered him $50 for a SVR (V3) tape and his counter was
$150! You can download a 3.2.1 tape image on-line today. would
be a nice patch level bonus for those few of us running V3 hardware. 

He's an eBay troll and nearing the a-hat level of wiredforservice from
my experiences with him. 

Please let us know when he wants to be reasonably compensated for his
wares as my check-book remains open. 


On 2015-10-28 04:01, jwsmobile wrote: 

> This is a representative auction by the vendor. Look at all of his stuff for the whole story.
> [1]
> The buyer of his Lisp Machine is going to be sad. The vendor has broken off good to have spares and software for a working machine into separate auctions. Unlike the 3B2 stuff which is all parts. Not a nice thing to do if you are asking $9500 for the machine and only a few hundred more for the spares. Spares such as mice, keyboard, and software restore tapes. Nice.
> Thanks
> Jim


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