Honeywell "Teletype"

Connor Krukosky connork at
Wed Oct 28 04:14:19 CDT 2015

On 10/28/2015 4:08 AM, jwsmobile wrote:
> On 10/28/2015 1:05 AM, jwsmobile wrote:
>> I'm curious.  This auction appears to be for an ASR33 in a Honeywell 
>> box.  If so $1200 is way too much for a funny case unless you like 
>> plastic with "Honeywell" on it.
>> Any ideas?
>> RARE-Vintage-Honeywell-Teletype-Machine
>> Thanks
>> Jim
> I was looking at another auction.  Looking closer at the photos it has 
> to be an ASR33, the cover is metal, and the asking price is $2500.  
> Again, not sure why it would demand so much.  Aren't ASR33's working a 
> couple of hundred, unless there are exceptionally rare addons?
> thanks
> Jim

Actually nice and complete teletypes have been going for upward of 
$2,000 now.
More around $1200-1500 in unknown condition but nice and complete. By 
this I mean with top-hat in one piece, chad bucket, stand etc.
Just look at recently sold on eBay, the last two ASR33s to sell went for 
1200 and 1500.
Its quite scary.
Oh and don't even ask what top-hats go for...

I was VERY lucky to get my ASR33 a few weeks ago for free.
Don't plan on ever letting it go :)

As for the odd teletype in the auction, if you have a Honeywell to hook 
it too I suppose you'd really want it.
I do think its overpriced though, then again look at everything else the 
seller has and yea...
I find it odd it doesn't have a paper tape reader, only a punch.
But yes it looks like a bone stock ASR33 underneath.
I do wonder what that device in the last photo is though, with the pins 
sticking out of surface?
I would think paper tape reader but its obviously not.

-Connor K

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