Honeywell "Teletype"

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Oct 28 03:08:15 CDT 2015

On 10/28/2015 1:05 AM, jwsmobile wrote:
> I'm curious.  This auction appears to be for an ASR33 in a Honeywell 
> box.  If so $1200 is way too much for a funny case unless you like 
> plastic with "Honeywell" on it.
> Any ideas?
> RARE-Vintage-Honeywell-Teletype-Machine
> Thanks
> Jim
I was looking at another auction.  Looking closer at the photos it has 
to be an ASR33, the cover is metal, and the asking price is $2500.  
Again, not sure why it would demand so much.  Aren't ASR33's working a 
couple of hundred, unless there are exceptionally rare addons?


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