Siemens T100?

simon simski at
Mon Oct 26 08:34:23 CDT 2015

Hmm. very strange that only this specific mail and all probable answers 
did not get through. Rick Murphy kindly send a reply directly to me 
(thanks for that)

It seems that some word in my subject did trigger an spam filter somewhere.

There are no mails in my spambox on  the webmail client to be found and 
no filters are active on any of this.

I Apologize for these multiple posts.


On 26-10-15 09:31, Rik Bos wrote:
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>> Onderwerp: Siemens T100?
>> (As previous post did not get through, again a repost)
>> Hi All,
>> I was contacted via the greenkeys list for my spare parts of the two
>> T100 telexes, but I think it should be possible to obtain them in the
>> states. Is there someone willing to part of their broken or otherwise
>> non/half functional T100 in the usa.
>> they need the parts for a movie.
>> --
>> Met vriendelijke Groet,
>> Simon Claessen
> Just counting ;)
> This is the 5th time you're sending a T100 inquiry and I'm receiving it...
> Maybe your spam box is ahead of you?
> -Rik

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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