Siemens T100?

Rik Bos hp-fix at
Mon Oct 26 03:31:20 CDT 2015

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> Onderwerp: Siemens T100?
> (As previous post did not get through, again a repost)
> Hi All,
> I was contacted via the greenkeys list for my spare parts of the two
> T100 telexes, but I think it should be possible to obtain them in the
> states. Is there someone willing to part of their broken or otherwise
> non/half functional T100 in the usa.
> they need the parts for a movie.
> --
> Met vriendelijke Groet,
> Simon Claessen

Just counting ;)
This is the 5th time you're sending a T100 inquiry and I'm receiving it...

Maybe your spam box is ahead of you?


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