Retro Reproduction 2

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Oct 25 10:59:33 CDT 2015

    > From: Rod Smallwood

    > I'm in the drawing stage for 11/45 11/55 11/70 (common blank size)

I think the 11/40 uses that same blank, too (with less holes than the other
ones, as it doesn't have the two rotary switches); dunno about the location of
the power switch, someone who has an 11/40 will have to send you measurements.

    > given a scan and measurements .. I can have a go at most types of panel.

The ones I personally would like (after the 11/45 :-) are the indicator panels
for the RF11, RK11-C and RP11. Guy will be using the RF11 panels too, not sure
if he has started on producing them yet.

    > Now we need a ... switches source 

Let me see if the C+K ones I have ordered fit. If so, if I buy a large group
directly from C+K, we might be able to get the price down to something
reasonable, which would save us the hassle of two different kinds of
toggles/actuators (one for the original panels, one for reproductions).


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