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    Seens the tcp route was misguided :)

    PS: Pong from Brazil! :D

Enviado do meu Apple IIGS (pq eu sou chique)
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>> I forgot to ask for your private email on VCFB, so I use this public 
>> channel.

Ah -- beg your pardon!

>>Can you sell me a PiDP8, so I can port my Blinkenlight Api Server to the
>> platform of the upcoming 11/70?

Absolutely not.
That would be ethically impossible.
I can, however, offer you a free PiDP if you can take care of the shipping 
cost :)

>> I'd like to have it as preassembled as possible, 'cause my schedule is 
>> very tight.

I'll send you the comfy kit, meaning no fussing with the switch bar!

Shipping cost is CHF 24/EUR21, just paypal to oscar.vermeulen at 
and I'll send it to you.

But - before you do, consider that I'm currently working on a new version of 
the PiDP with (hopefully) nice replica 8/I switches. So if you're not too 
much in a hurry, you may want to wait two months and get the cosmetic 

>> BTW, my photos of VCFB are here:
... you remember me shooting into your face while the street car rumbled
behind your back?

Cool! Thanks for the pictures link :)

Kind regards,



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