Oscar Vermeulen oscar.vermeulen at
Sat Oct 24 16:24:11 CDT 2015


>> I forgot to ask for your private email on VCFB, so I use this public channel.

Ah -- beg your pardon!

>>Can you sell me a PiDP8, so I can port my Blinkenlight Api Server to the 
>> platform of the upcoming 11/70?

Absolutely not. 
That would be ethically impossible.
I can, however, offer you a free PiDP if you can take care of the shipping cost :)

>> I'd like to have it as preassembled as possible, 'cause my schedule is very tight.

I'll send you the comfy kit, meaning no fussing with the switch bar!

Shipping cost is CHF 24/EUR21, just paypal to oscar.vermeulen at and I'll send it to you.

But - before you do, consider that I'm currently working on a new version of the PiDP with (hopefully) nice replica 8/I switches. So if you're not too much in a hurry, you may want to wait two months and get the cosmetic upgrade!

>> BTW, my photos of VCFB are here:
... you remember me shooting into your face while the street car rumbled 
behind your back?

Cool! Thanks for the pictures link :)

Kind regards,



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