Oddball question: really small terminals

Mike Ross tmfdmike at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 20:54:41 CDT 2015

For reasons too abstruse to explain in detail I'm on the lookout for
terminals that are, physically, really small - especially serial and
coax 3270, and possibly twinax 5250.

Yes you could do things with small laptops and PDAs with PCMCIA cards
and adapters and software - I know a guy who kept a Psion Organizer
configured especially for use as a terminal with SGI boxes. But that's
Not The Same, and NOT what I'm after; I want dedicated purpose-built
terminals; switch it on and It Works.

And both DEC and IBM made 'real' terminals in a 'small pizza box' form
factor, using a separate standard VGA monitor as a display; one could
use those with a small LCD screen and achieve a similar result, and I
might do just that - can anyone remember the model numbers of IBM 3270
and 5250 terminals that were built this way?

But really I'd prefer a compact all-in one solution; a one-piece
terminal. Any suggestions? I'm open to both LCDs and *small* CRTs.
Preferably colour!



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