Save a poor printing terminal

Jason T silent700 at
Sat Oct 24 16:58:30 CDT 2015

This unfortunate creature has seen ill-storage and a slight mouse
infestation and bears the rusty scars of time and moisture.  But with
your kindness and patience, it will have the chance to bound joyfully
through fields of Greenbar once again, bringing joy and the printed
word/ASCII art to all who meet it.

Called LA120 by those that bred it, DECwriter III by those who loved
it, you can call it yours for the mere effort of picking it up from
the Chicago suburbs.  Shipping will probably be impractical and,
sadly, its time is short as my shelter needs the space for other lost
souls.  The man and his truck from the glue factory are already
hovering along my road.

Heart-rending photos available upon request.


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