Retro Reproduction 2

tony duell ard at
Sat Oct 24 06:19:55 CDT 2015

> The UK is full of small companies making and repairing all kinds of past
> products.
> For example the MGB GT (a much loved British sports car). The factory
> stopped making them in the early 1980's
> However a few guys bought the press tools and have been turning out two
> or three body shells a day ever since.
> Copy of a Shelby Cobra - no problem build from a kit. GT40 clone oh yes!

Be careful... On this list a GT40 comes from DEC and not Ford :-)

But as I understand it, those reproduction cars have reproduced bodywork
on top of modern mechnanicals. The engine, for example, is not a copy of 
the original, it's a current-production car engine, complete with electronic
engine management and thus without the reason I would want a classic
car in the first place!

It's like a lot of the reproduction computers discussed here and elsewhere. They
look the same, the run the same programs, but no way _are_ they the same. An
RPi (or Beaglebone, or...) running an emulator is not a PDP11/70.

And as a hardware hacker, a machine I can't stick my logic analyser on is of little


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