The KIM Uno -- a modern clone of the KIM-1

azd30 azd30 at
Tue Oct 20 11:38:30 CDT 2015

Funny thing that this gets mentioned... I spent a couple of hours last night putting a Kim-Uno together from Oscar's kit. (I had bought it way back in the spring)
Works like a charm - only had time to go through some basic testing - no programming yet. Nicely done project on Oscar's part. Everyone should have one!

I ordered an RS232 to TTL board this AM - it somehow does not feel 'right' to connect it to a computer via USBserial. I'd like to also figure out what to do/how to work the expansion connector, so I can hook it up to a breadboard and do some I/O. Which probably means a bigger case... 

I have Oscar's PiDP 8 kit as well,  which is awaiting assembly...


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> I've got one; amazing what Oscar managed to put
> together to sell for $10.00, not to mention the
> firm/soft-ware.

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