The KIM Uno -- a modern clone of the KIM-1

Mike Stein mhs.stein at
Tue Oct 20 11:17:49 CDT 2015

I've got one; amazing what Oscar managed to put 
together to sell for $10.00, not to mention the 

He's also the guy behind the bitchin RasPi-powered 
PDP-8/I replica:!pidp-8-overview/c252u


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> On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 11:09 AM, Liam Proven 
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>> Just learned of this via a tweet from a former 
>> colleague:
>> The KIM Uno is a small "open-source hardware" 
>> project to build a
>> replica of the classic 1976 KIM-1 computer...
> I've seen it (I was next to Oscar Vermeulen at 
> VCFe and VCFmw this
> year).  It's pretty slick and quite inexpensive.
> -ethan 

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