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On 2015-10-18 11:16 AM, Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) wrote:
> lör 2015-10-17 klockan 10:01 -0400 skrev ethan at
>> I was always under the impression that a few of them made it out
>> there?
>> I have a TT030 and actually was just looking at it last night. It has
>> a
>> VME slot (as they call it) that has a dual serial port board
>> installed. I
>> think it has a modem port. I know it's not compatible with normal ST
>> softwar,e has VGA, does not use a ps2 keyboard but uses an ST
>> keyboard,
>> and has real SCSI versus ACSI!
>> Strange computers. Doesn't look quite as cool as the Mega 2/4 IMHO
>> but
>> still interesting!
> The specs makes me think that it is a bit more powerfull than a Sun
> 3/80 (and 280 too.)
> The ECL monitor reminds me about Sun Sun2/3/4:era bwtwo.
> About the same resolution.
> Remark: how much did a 1280x1024 capable ecl-monitor cost around 1990 ?

I was using Macintosh high res mono screens around that time. I found a 
price from Jan 2, 1989:

Sigma Laserview for SE, 1664x1200, presumably including the interface 
card: $2295

And a lot more prices from Feb 16, 1987:

Megascreen Plus, 1024x900 $2495

Page 46:


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