Atari Unix

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at
Sun Oct 18 10:26:11 CDT 2015

sön 2015-10-18 klockan 17:16 +0200 skrev Stefan Skoglund (lokal
> The specs makes me think that it is a bit more powerfull than a Sun
> 3/80 (and 280 too.)
> The ECL monitor reminds me about Sun Sun2/3/4:era bwtwo.
> About the same resolution.
> Remark: how much did a 1280x1024 capable ecl-monitor cost around 1990
> ?

I checked out the end customer/oem price list.

Sun wanted 1988 4000 $ for a high resolution monitor with cable and
board (bwtwo.)

I would be surprised if a monitor only at that time was around 2000 $.

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