Contents of DEC 8" floppies

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> On 2015-10-16 08:14, Mark J. Blair wrote:
> > I have some unused 3M blank preformatted RX02 diskettes. Would those
> be usable in an RX01 drive?
> Yes. The RX01 and RX02 is the same format. It's only the data part of the
> sector that differs.
> > I don't know what the VAX PSI software is, but I'm guessing it must be
> the 11/780 based on the media type. I have zero use for it, but the
> of 11/780 bits being returned to the entropy pool disturbs me a bit. :)
> anybody fill me in on what these disks likely contain, to help me decide
> whether I might like to trade blank floppies for them?
> Yes, most likely a distribution intended for people with an 11/78x. The
> software was probably available on several different media.
> PSI is (as others have mentioned) the packetswitch interface software.
> So X.25 for DECnet.

>From what I remember it does not need DECnet....

> 	Johnny

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