Fair price and ways to find a teletype

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Thu Oct 15 15:31:20 CDT 2015

On Thursday (10/15/2015 at 05:57PM +0100), Dave Wade wrote:
> I think you would be surprised to know that M15 and other Baudot teletypes were used with early computers. 
> Not sure about the Altair but I certainly used a Creed 7B with my 6809 based system. Again no paper tape, I had an Audio tape system.

Altair 680 (M6800 based) had one version of the PROM that worked with
5-level BAUDOT teletypes and the more common version that worked with
7-level ASCII teletypes such as the M33.

Chris Elmquist NØJCF

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