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Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Wed Oct 14 14:18:59 CDT 2015

> I don't think we got to "Micro, Mini and Mainframe" until we got to 2nd and
> third generation computers....
> ... 1st generation Valve Computers like the Bendix , Pegasus, EDVAC,
> Manchester MK1, CSIRAC were just "Computers" and don't conform to the above
> classes....

Fred - where are you - come quick! Somebody said 1st generation on this list!
Why haven't you got this covered :-)

Oh never mind, I'll do it:

"What about the Antikythera machine?"

Ps: I'm not sure about the logo.  It doesn't have the ADM3A ashtray and the
keyboard doesn't look wide enough for the ADM5 layout including the numeric
keypad on the right.  Is/was there such a thing as an ADM4?

Pps: I could never fathom the affection felt for the ADM3A - at college we had
a lab containing a bunch of ADM5s and a single ADM3A.  Everybody would work
away on the ADM5s while the ADM3A sat lonely and unloved because most found
it difficult to clear the screen on it (switching it off and back on worked if
you got stuck!) and couldn't figure out how to get the PF keys when using it
to talk to the IBM mainframe in fullscreen mode via 7171 protocol converters.

Peter Coghlan.

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