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> On 10/14/2015 8:15 AM, Rod Smallwood wrote:
> > OK so if we agree there are three classes computer Namely  Micro,Mini,
> > and Mainframe.
> > It follows that there must be three classes of vintage computer.
> > We dont need patches with pictures but it should say what type of
> > system we major in *snip*
> As I am building a 70's TTL computer in a FPGA, you forgot Home Brew.
> The hardest part is finding parts for the FPGA, sure I can use 74XXX but was it
> out in 1975-76? Ben.

I don't think we got to "Micro, Mini and Mainframe" until we got to 2nd and third generation computers....
... 1st generation Valve Computers like the Bendix , Pegasus, EDVAC, Manchester MK1, CSIRAC were just "Computers" and don't conform to the above classes....


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