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Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Wed Oct 14 12:34:54 CDT 2015

Sorry old chap just an example. I'm a old DEC guy. My biggest system is 

I think the 360 was back in the days when they rented every thing so not 
much was left behind
Mind you I would not turn down a racks worth of AS400

On 14/10/2015 16:05, Jon Elson wrote:
> On 10/14/2015 09:15 AM, Rod Smallwood wrote:
>> OK so if we agree there are three classes computer
>> Namely  Micro,Mini, and Mainframe.
>> It follows that there must be three classes of vintage computer.
>> We dont need patches with pictures but it should say what type of 
>> system we major in
>> For example Rod's Retro Restorations -  IBM360
> Are you actually restoring a 360?  I'd sure like to hear more if you 
> are working on this!
> Jon

Wanted : KDJ11-E M8981 KK8-E M8300 KK8-E M8310 KK8-E M8320 KK8-E M8330

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