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    > From: Henk Gooijen
    > I have probably all PDP-11 models (except the PDP-11/50)
    > ...
    > I am not going to disassemble just for a scan.

Well, the /45 front panel is easy: take out the 4 screws holding the bezel 
(quite easy - unlike, say, removing an H7420 to clean it - something I am
probably going to have to do), and then take out the 3 counter-sunk screws
holding the panel on (ditto), remove the two knobs (ditto again) - done! And
equally easy to reverse the process.

    > I could take pictures, but as you say, edges will warp a little.

We've already got pretty good pictures of the 11/45 panel, and the RP11-C.
There are no RF11 or RK11-C images (that I know of - the RF11 manual only 
a drawing, and the RK11-C manual, not even that), so if you have either of
those, a picture would be better than nothing.


The /35, /40, /50, /55, and /70 are removed just as the /45.
Don't know about the /20. Probably ditto, never checked (yet).
But I don't plan on removing those, schlepp them to work just
for a scan. Too vulnerable for mishaps ...
The other models are not that "fascinating".

I'd love to get one complete RK11-C ... anybody?  :-)
I have another panel (Edward and Tony has it too) with 144 lamps.
It is used on the DX11, a PDP-11 to IBM bus/tag interface.
That is a 5.25" high front panel, just like the RK11-C.
I cannot remove the yellow frame, but could take it to work and
make two scans at 300 dpi. If I still worked for Océ I could do a
lot better, but alas :-/   Two scans at 300 dpi that can be stitched
to one complete image is better than no image at all.
Don't know whether the frame with cause the panel itself to
be out of focus ...

- Henk 

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