TV Typewriter Cover Unit location?

Brad unclefalter at
Tue Oct 13 12:15:27 CDT 2015

I think the answer on the keytop thing may have been staring me in the face this whole time.  This is a blank key from my CT1024:

Although the photo is a bit difficult to make out because the key is black and my camera sucks -- comparing it to the ones on the cover unit, it does appear to be the same physical shape with the smallish legent/callout area and the tall curvy sides.  The keys on my CT1024 have the legends/callouts painted on them, not engraved.  I could simply make a mold of this key, cast it with my 2 part resin, paint it and then silkscreen the necessary legends/callouts on it.  'Simply'.  Heh.  But I do think now possibly SWTPC used the same basic keytops here that were offered in that initial 'low cost keyboard' article.

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On 10/13/2015 09:23 AM, Nick Allen wrote:
> Here is a link to my TV Typewriter, you can see the mfg info for the  
> keyboard which was included.  I know this isn't the keyboard you are  
> looking for, but is a period correct keyboard:
> y=Gv1sRgCJnp_Z-jtauDFQ#6205168098809090402

Yeah, I had one like that as well.  The "feel" was terrible.  I eventually replaced it with one of those NOS surplus terminal keyboards with the solid molded plastic base--I think LSI used those.  I still have a few keytops from it.


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