TV Typewriter Cover Unit location?

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Nick thank you so much for that photo.  This seems to c onfirm a few things I didn't know about the prototype (not the cover unit we're talking about in this thread) -- that Don's prototype boards must roughly conform to the SWTPC boards you have there (if they are SWTPC, or did you make them from the magazine plans?).  

I had wondered how one accessed the boards since there appeared to be no access from the top.  The museum has the prototype unit screwed down to the display unit it sits on so they cannot flip it over.  I have a photo of the backside of it showing what appears to be metal but I can't tell if that's the whole bottom of the case or just the back.  

But based on your photo, the access must be from the bottom.  Maybe there isn't a bottom at all (hopefully one day I can get the museum to flip it over and look, or maybe someone has a photo from the days when the prototype went to various vintage computer shows).


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Here is a link to my TV Typewriter, you can see the mfg info for the keyboard which was included.  I know this isn't the keyboard you are looking for, but is a period correct keyboard:
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