HP & 800BPI / was Re: Tape cleaner on eBay

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 23:59:08 CDT 2015

Brent Hilpert <hilpert at cs.ubc.ca> wore:
>I had that problem with the stuck reel hubs. Failed to take my own
advice-to-self to leave the reels unmounted and they stuck again, 
>although easier to get off this time as it hadn't been many years under

I ended up covering the rubber hub with black electrical tape. That prevents
it from sticking again. 

>I had originally written it in a re-targetable cross-assembler in a
now-outdated development environment under MacOS9. 
> Last year rewrote someone else's assembler (C source) - it should work in
any standard C environment. 
> Was using it to re-assemble HPBASIC.
> [...] Can send you the source if you wish.

I'll gladly take the source, that would be very helpful later on.


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