One more try - Can you ID this S-100 Serial board?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Oct 2 04:32:34 CDT 2015

Chris Elmquist wrote:

> On Thursday (10/01/2015 at 06:21PM -0500), drlegendre . wrote:
> > @Chris
> > 
> > That's an intriguing and very real possibility, but then there's this:
> > - Does that logo look familiar? Founded in the 80s,
> > controller boards, interface modules, single-board computers.. but yes,
> > they are in Germany. I did try contacting them, but never heard back.
> They claim "Embedded Control know-how since 1984." but you have 1980
> and 1981 date code parts on your board.   It's possible they made the
> board before they knew how however.  That is not unheard of.  :-)

I'm sure, that's not the company that build that S100 Board. Ranzin, where is located, is former eastern germany (GDR) area (as my home is too)
and S100 Buisses where simply not used before here before 1989.
Ther embedded control experience in this timeframe will be mostly an Z80
compatibles (later Z8 too) an K1520 Bus systems. The AY3-1015 however was
available as TESLA MHB1012 or so, not as GI part.



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