Data Communications Pac for the HP 83/85 (Marc Verdiell)

Jay West jwest at
Tue Mar 31 06:08:48 CDT 2015

Marc wrote...
Thanks Jay W. for the pointer to the software package, I had been trying to
do this for a while.
Even though I have plenty of 262x and 264x terminals, for some reason I've
got this desire to use the HP-85A as a console for my HP2000 rig :) That's
why I've been poking at the -85A recently.

Most of the commands and displays on the system console of the HP2K will
work ok on a 32 character display but there are a few command outputs that
would wrap around a lot. Why do I have this notion that before too long I'll
be looking to sell my -85A and purchase an 87? Or maybe someone with an 87
is looking to trade.... :)



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