Data Communications Pac for the HP 83/85 (Marc Verdiell)

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Tue Mar 31 01:41:51 CDT 2015

Never mind, I asked for help in the series80 Yahoo group, and this is
actually the right package. My problem came from elsewhere (issues in making
an error-free 5.25 HP-formatted floppy, its fixed now). The disc image below
has both the HP86/87 and the HP83/85 versions on it. Works great, now my
HP85 can be a cute serial terminal. Thanks Jay W. for the pointer to the
software package, I had been trying to do this for a while.

>From: "Marc Verdiell" <marc.verdiell at>

>Does anyone have a copy of the Data Communications Pac for the HP 83/85?
>It's a rather well done combo BASIC/Assembly package that turns your HP 85
>into a terminal emulator (Jay alerted me to it). This HP Computer Museum
>link claims this is it:
>But when you download and extract the linked image it is actually the HP
>86/87 version. I haven't been able to locate the HP 83/85 version of that

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