VAX 4000-300 Available in the UK

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Sun Mar 29 19:45:02 CDT 2015

I have a running 4000/300, and these are a very nice machine - it's my
usual go-to VMS box.  I hope someone picks it up and gives it some TLC!

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Jarratt RMA <robert.jarratt at>

> I have a VAX 4000-300 that I want to pass on as I don't have room for it.
> It is in a BA440 enclosure (marked VAX 4000-400). The CPU board had a
> couple of problems, the levers that are used to push it into the slot have
> been broken, however it will push into the slot OK and work. The onboard
> Ethernet (SGEC) is also not working, but I have included a DESQA so you can
> network it. It has 64MB of memory (2x 32MB). It also has a CXY08 board.
> It does not have any disks because I want to keep the few DSSI disks I
> have, however I will include two DSSI covers. You can still boot it as a
> satellite of course. In fact I was toying with the idea of putting a
> Raspberry Pi inside the enclosure with a crossover LAN cable and running if
> off SIMH on that.
> It is free, however I would appreciate a small donation, as it has cost me
> money to collect it to save it from being dumped.
> It is in the UK, in South Manchester. Although I am currently working a lot
> in Coventry so could bring it to that area. I will also be at DEC Legacy in
> Windermere 11-12 April, although I would prefer to leave room in my car for
> the machines I want to exhibit, if possible.
> Regards
> Rob

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