VAX 4000-300 Available in the UK

Jarratt RMA robert.jarratt at
Thu Mar 26 15:05:13 CDT 2015

I have a VAX 4000-300 that I want to pass on as I don't have room for it.
It is in a BA440 enclosure (marked VAX 4000-400). The CPU board had a
couple of problems, the levers that are used to push it into the slot have
been broken, however it will push into the slot OK and work. The onboard
Ethernet (SGEC) is also not working, but I have included a DESQA so you can
network it. It has 64MB of memory (2x 32MB). It also has a CXY08 board.

It does not have any disks because I want to keep the few DSSI disks I
have, however I will include two DSSI covers. You can still boot it as a
satellite of course. In fact I was toying with the idea of putting a
Raspberry Pi inside the enclosure with a crossover LAN cable and running if
off SIMH on that.

It is free, however I would appreciate a small donation, as it has cost me
money to collect it to save it from being dumped.

It is in the UK, in South Manchester. Although I am currently working a lot
in Coventry so could bring it to that area. I will also be at DEC Legacy in
Windermere 11-12 April, although I would prefer to leave room in my car for
the machines I want to exhibit, if possible.



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