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>> Speed is not a big issue (9-tracks aren't very fast to begin with)...but I'$
>> With ultra scsi work (is it backward compatible with single-ended)?

In my experience - which is, admittedly, limited - SCSI (well,
parallel SCSI; I don't really consider SAS SCSI, even though it has a
very similar command set) is almost completely compatible.  The
"almost" is differential - what is in retrospect called high-voltage
differential, that is, as opposed to LVD (low-voltage differential).
Except for HVD, my experience has been that you can pretty much plug
anything into anything, with adapters as necessary, and (with some
termination caveats) it'll Just Work.  Often everything gets slowed
down to the speed of the slowest device on the bus, but it still

I'm sure there are exceptions; I don't for a moment think I've met up
with every variation SCSI has.  But part of the point of this note is
to provoke those familiar with them to mention them. :-)

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