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Speed is not a big issue (9-tracks aren't very fast to begin with)...but I'm not sure what flavor of scsi that the 7980s has...I suspect single-ended, so would something
With ultra scsi work (is it backward compatible with single-ended)?

If drivers are an issue, might it work if I spun up a virtual machine under windows-7 that ran an older os (either windows or linux)?...could the windows-7 machine just pass the
USB device to the vm (and the vm would have drivers for it), without the host OS needing drivers?

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On 27 March 2015 at 17:36, Bob Brown <bbrown at> wrote:
> Does anyone know if a usb --> scsi adapter might allow me to connect an hp 9-track tape drive (7980s) to a computer running windows-7?
> Has anyone done it?
> Any pointers (drivers etc)?

I believe they existed, long ago. USB1 ones were terribly terribly slow. By the USB2 era, SCSI was disappearing, but they might exist.
USB3, forget it.

But I suspect that a device that old (we're talking
turn-of-the-century) won't have drivers for Win7. You *might* have a chance of getting it working on 32-bit Win7.


Note the supported OSes.

This looks more promising...

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