DEC PDP-11: 330 XXDP listings scanned from micro fiches fritz_chwolka at
Sat Mar 21 05:00:11 CDT 2015

Am 21.03.2015 um 07:46 schrieb Jörg Hoppe:
> Hi all,
> Over the last months I scanned micro fiches with XXDP diagnostic 
> program listings.
> These listings are essential for repairing PDP-11's (or enhancing SimH).
> I digitized 330 listings from 452 fiches, with a total of 53545 
> document pages.
> Almost all of them should be new stuff.
> The PDFs are ready for download now.
> Until they appear at, you can use my link:
> (Note the embedded user/password strings)
> The scans come in two versions: "high quality" and "black&white":
> The HQ version is gray level and contains a true image of the micro 
> fiches, after non-destructive contrast enhancement. It is the base for 
> further image processing.
> Download path is ./fichescanner/hq/gh
> The BW version is compressed to black & white and aggressively 
> optimized for size and letter quality. File sizes are 20x smaller than 
> the HQ version. Its intended for daily use and OCR, but for some very 
> problematic fiches textual information is lost.
> Download path is ./fichescanner/bw/gh
> And there is a background article on
> describing the self-build automatic micro fiche scanner (video!)
> Enjoy!
> Joerg

Danke dafür..

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