DEC PDP-11: 330 XXDP listings scanned from micro fiches

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at
Sat Mar 21 01:46:09 CDT 2015

Hi all,

Over the last months I scanned micro fiches with XXDP diagnostic program 
These listings are essential for repairing PDP-11's (or enhancing SimH).
I digitized 330 listings from 452 fiches, with a total of 53545 document 
Almost all of them should be new stuff.

The PDFs are ready for download now.
Until they appear at, you can use my link:
(Note the embedded user/password strings)

The scans come in two versions: "high quality" and "black&white":

The HQ version is gray level and contains a true image of the micro 
fiches, after non-destructive contrast enhancement. It is the base for 
further image processing.
Download path is ./fichescanner/hq/gh

The BW version is compressed to black & white and aggressively optimized 
for size and letter quality. File sizes are 20x smaller than the HQ 
version. Its intended for daily use and OCR, but for some very 
problematic fiches textual information is lost.
Download path is ./fichescanner/bw/gh

And there is a background article on
describing the self-build automatic micro fiche scanner (video!)



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