Mac SE/30 making zipping and buzzing noises

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Fri Mar 20 11:52:14 CDT 2015

In the meantime, have you re-soldered the power connections to the analog
board? There's a group of them, large-ish pins (might be a connector body,
don't totally recall), which tend to develop near-invisible cracks in the
joints where they meet the board.

AFAIK the issue is common to all of the classic compact Macs, and it can
cause all sorts of odd problems.

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 1:27 AM, Terry Stewart <terry at>

> Yes it sounds like caps Dave.  A very common issue with those machines.
> Terry (Tez )
> On 20/03/2015 6:39 PM, <dave at> wrote:
> >
> > I'm gradually restoring a Mac SE/30.  Today I got a new PRAM battery and
> > installed it.  There was no battery leakage, so I'm good there.  The
> > machine seems to run just fine.  The big problem now is that even though
> > nothing should be emitted from the speaker, I'm getting zips, buzzes, and
> > burbles from it depending on what the computer is doing at the time.  I'm
> > quite sure the the sound circuitry is somehow picking up RF noise from
> the
> > system bus.  What does this symptom indicate?  Should I recap the whole
> > machine?
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