Mac SE/30 making zipping and buzzing noises

Terry Stewart terry at
Fri Mar 20 01:27:09 CDT 2015

Yes it sounds like caps Dave.  A very common issue with those machines.

Terry (Tez )
On 20/03/2015 6:39 PM, <dave at> wrote:

> I'm gradually restoring a Mac SE/30.  Today I got a new PRAM battery and
> installed it.  There was no battery leakage, so I'm good there.  The
> machine seems to run just fine.  The big problem now is that even though
> nothing should be emitted from the speaker, I'm getting zips, buzzes, and
> burbles from it depending on what the computer is doing at the time.  I'm
> quite sure the the sound circuitry is somehow picking up RF noise from the
> system bus.  What does this symptom indicate?  Should I recap the whole
> machine?
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