VAX tests? (Mouse)

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Mar 15 20:58:05 CDT 2015

> Here are the RX50 and TK50 versions of the MicroVAX II customer
> diagnostics:

Ooh, thank you!  Thank you very much.

> I used them when I added the MicroVAX II to Simh a few years ago.  I
> had some problems running them but that was largely due to the fact I
> didn't implement memory parity, serial port loopback and other
> non-essential features.  I guess you have these though if you are
> able to pass all the startup diagnostics.

Yes; those are both things I simulate.  (I also had to simulate the
instruction prefetch buffer; it turns out the KA630 ROM code depends on
being able to execute out of the prefetch buffer briefly.)

> If it helps at all, my code is in the main Simh repository:


> Look for the vax630*.* files

I suspect my issue, whatever it is, is not KA630-specific, in which
case the KA630-specific files from SIMH won't help.

Still, it can hardly hurt to look.

Hmm, perhaps I could rip the emulation core out of SIMH and run it in
lock-step parallel with mine, to see where they diverge.  I wonder how
hard that would be to do...if I can't find anything more promising I'll
have a look at it.

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