Recommendation for a PROM burner

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Sun Mar 15 11:50:20 CDT 2015

2015-03-15 17:18 GMT+01:00 tony duell <ard at>:

> >     > You won't find ANYTHING that supports 1702 devices, they needed 80
> V to
> >     > program.
> >
> > I checked, and the 29B/Unipak2B combo does not support them. Does anyone
> > know if DEC used 1702s in anything PDP-11?
> I don't know about the PDP11, but the Omnibus (PDP8/e , etc) EPROM board
> uses them. They are
> soldered to the board with jumper blocks on the top connectors to connect
> them to the Omnibus
> interface circuit. For programming you connected the programmer
> (presumably with a special cable)
> to said top connectors in place of the jumpers.

I think that you mean this card:

The programmer is a rack mounted unit with integrated connectors where you
plug in the board. The programmer has a fan to cool the board while
programming. I have said programmer but I am unsure about how to connect it
to anything and unfortunately the lid of one of the 1702 is missing.
Otherwise it is a nice board.

> The only thing I have that will program 1702As (which, IIRC are not the
> same programming spec as
> the original 1702) is my Intellec MCS8i.
> > Are there any other early PROMs I'm likely to run in PDP-11's that are
> also
> > going to be difficult to deal with?
> They did use the 3-rail 2708 quite a bit. Many modern programmers can't
> handle that one, I have
> no idea if the 29B can.
> Not EPROMs, but the early PLAs like the 82S100 turn up in some PDP11 stuff
> (11/44 I think is full of them).
> -tony
> -tony

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