Recommendation for a PROM burner

tony duell ard at
Sun Mar 15 11:18:11 CDT 2015

>     > You won't find ANYTHING that supports 1702 devices, they needed 80 V to
>     > program.
> I checked, and the 29B/Unipak2B combo does not support them. Does anyone
> know if DEC used 1702s in anything PDP-11?

I don't know about the PDP11, but the Omnibus (PDP8/e , etc) EPROM board uses them. They are
soldered to the board with jumper blocks on the top connectors to connect them to the Omnibus
interface circuit. For programming you connected the programmer (presumably with a special cable)
to said top connectors in place of the jumpers.

The only thing I have that will program 1702As (which, IIRC are not the same programming spec as
the original 1702) is my Intellec MCS8i.

> Are there any other early PROMs I'm likely to run in PDP-11's that are also
> going to be difficult to deal with?

They did use the 3-rail 2708 quite a bit. Many modern programmers can't handle that one, I have
no idea if the 29B can.

Not EPROMs, but the early PLAs like the 82S100 turn up in some PDP11 stuff (11/44 I think is full of them).



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