Sigma Electronics Systems Display Generator 5564

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Fri Mar 6 11:44:12 CST 2015

tor 2015-03-05 klockan 18:34 +0000 skrev tony duell:
> Can anyone tell me anything about the subject: line? It seems to be a high-end graphics terminal from the 
> mid 1970s. I have found the electronics unit while unpacking here, I think I have the keyboard (with a little
> built-in joystick?) somewhere too. I don't have the monitor, but I am guessing it's TV rates.

I think that the school were i was 1988-1989 had one of those.
The school had an PR1ME 9955.

The student computer association had the terminal. We mainly used it to
view mandelbrot sets.
It took 4 hours to render a complete screen.

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