Tektronix 1240/41 diagnostic lead sets - resend

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Mar 5 15:53:53 CST 2015

For the benefit of those (like me) who read CCTalk via the Web archive, and
thus missed this as it came in during the period when the server thought it
was 1970 (and it thus went into the March 1970 archive... :-), a re-send:


Hello all, I'm setting up to make one of these (part # 012-0556-00) for my own
use, and can easily make more if anyone needs any (although I will need to
order some of the parts needed, if so). So if anyone needs one, and would like
me to produce one for them, please let me know (ASAP, so I can order the
parts). I imagine the cost will be on the order of $10-$15.

Note that i) you have to have a P6460 probe/pod to use them (the TTL P6462
probe/pod will _not_ work), and ii) full automatic testing on a 1240D2 18
channel Data Aquisition Card requires a pair of diagnostic leads (which is why
I'm making one - I found one on eBay, but only one).


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