Rich kids are into COBOL

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Wed Mar 4 11:15:06 CST 2015

>> Perhaps I'm just revealing the paucity of the languages I know [...]
>> it's one of the very few languages I know in which arrays are
>> first-class objects, and the only one I know with a reasonably rich
>> set of operators tuned for operating on arrays.

> one other, which you may or may not classify as a ¿language¿, is
> Mathematica.

I don't know enough about it to offer an opinion - on either its status
as a language or its fit to my descriptive sketch.  But it wouldn't
surprise me if you're right.

> I hesitate a little to recommend it, because for most of its history,
> the price of entry has been pretty high, but at the moment it¿s a
> free download for Raspbian on Raspberry Pi, [...]

It's not a criticism of the language, and it's a criticism of the
implementation for only my own purposes, but it still carries the price
of running closed-source code, which is too high for me.  (Note that
this is a personal judgement call.  Others, obviously, make that
tradeoff differently.)

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