Nicolet stuff

dwight dkelvey at
Sun Mar 1 10:24:49 CST 2015

Hi Bob
 I'd gotten the hard drive for the Nicolet but not had time to
fiddle with it. I'm currently redoing my code for the floppy drive
on my Nicolet.
I have a couple disk platters that should be able to be used
for the hard drive ( and one that had a head crash ). I'd
cleaned up the heads on the drive and with the new disk, seems
I've not fiddle with it since though.
I was wondering if you'd like to fiddle with it on your Nicolet.
You could barrow it for some time and install the demon code
on it.
On a separate issue, when I'd gotten my Nicolet, I had 2 failed
ICs. One was a 7474 and the other was a DTL with expanded
input ( I swapped a location that didn't need the expander
input and use a TTL there for that part ).
I just got started again and found the address wouldn't increment.
After some frantic trouble shooting ( knowing it was Saturday and
most places would be closed tomorrow for parts ), I finally traced
it to a bad 7404. It is not easy without an extender card.
I'd attach a couple wires to locations I wanted to see and stick the
card back in. I must have pulled an inserted two of the cards
30 times. I hope is wiped the connector pins good and clean.
If you should decide to make an extender, I'd split the cost of the
boards with you. I think it would be easy to make three separate
extenders and put a rail across them to hold them together.
It wouldn't be too bad to just have the three separate ones and
be careful connecting things.
I believe they are just three 100 pin connectors, like S100 boards

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