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Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 20:05:59 CST 1970

I believe that the NERC for whom I used to work had PDP/11's on ships. There is a report here:-


about an 11/04 data logging system. I also understand that earlier ships had IBM1130's on board....
... this mentions a portable IBM1130


so perhaps as being the first personal computer it was the first portable as well...

Dave Wade

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> Is the Lancaster at Duxford the other flightworthy one? I can't recall.
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> No
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> Bringing this topic full circle, does anyone know if any minicomputers (DEC
> PDP-8s or 11s, DG Novæ, HP 21XXs, et cetera) were ever used on aircraft?
> Not transported by one, but I mean setup and used on one.
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> Not finding it easy to get a definitive answer but
> It's a fair bet that some military computers using the PDP/11 architecture
> were used … probably on AEW, AWACS, and maritime patrol planes.
> Brits will, of course, have used UK computers such as versions of the
> GEC2050 or GEC4080 or possibly versions of the Ferranti Argus range (though
> those may have been too heavy for airborne use as they were designed for
> shipboard use)

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